Our pitch deck (Jan. 2021)

This deck was made for the Fashion Startup Contest organized by Modaes and Instagram, were they selected the top ten fashion startups in Spain. It has been written following the structure recommended by Juan López from the Spanish VC Kibo Ventures with an elevator pitch in mind: problem, solution, business model, traction & team.


Here you'll find: - Problem: how stock is destroying the world and the industry profitability - Solution: a demand-led fashion brand, producing only what the client wants. - Business model: our stockless approach and sustainable marketing strategy. - Traction: what we have achieved and what we aim for. - Competition: how we differentiate our selves through transparency. - Round: our recent funding of 405.000€ and how we plan to use it.

Si lo quieres en castellano, aquí tienes la versión elevator pitch: