laagam's ideas

laagam's ideas

laagam's ideas

Welcome to our repository of ideas! Here we'll share everything we've learned during 4 years building a Digital Fashion Brand. In case you don't know us, laagam is a Digital Native Vertical Brand with cumulative sales of €2.5Mn (€1Mn in 2019), average 100% y-o-y growth since inception (before the damn covid) and customers in +50 countries. We have been able to raise investment form leading Business Angels and have been awarded Forbes 30 under 30 Europe. Still fighting to be profitable, we're almost there. All strategic insights and documents will be shared transparently, with plain and direct commentary on what we think has worked and what hasn't. We don't like fooling ourselves and will neither do it publicly. This will be a bullshit-free space.

Our objetive with this journal of ideas is to be as useful as possible to anyone trying to start. To inspire those willing to get into arena, to warn them on the potential obstacles and to help them avoid all our mistakes.

If you want to partner with us, write to we're always looking for strategic and financial opportunities.


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